An Introduction to Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel is essentially a standard steel sheet with an added zinc coating designed to prevent rusting. Although it is primarily thought of as a structural steel used in building, it is actually an extremely versatile product with a wide variety of commercial applications that is by no means limited to use in the construction industry. Below are some of the benefits and uses of galvanised steel, including some of its more unusual uses.


There are numerous advantages when using galvanised steel in a commercial setting. It is way more affordable than other types of treated structural steel, and has fewer maintenance and upkeep requirements. Due to its steel composition, galvanised steel is sturdy, reliable and can last over 50 years in the right environment. The zinc coating protects the steel from rust and also safeguards the steel from any damage which may occur during transportation or installation. The surface of galvanised steel requires no additional preparation, inspection, paint, or coating, which means it usually be put to use right away.


In construction projects, galvanised steel can be utilised in structural steel frames, support beams, staircases, railings, and walkways. It’s often used in building durable furniture, such as park and bus-stop benches, and as a key element in many kinds of playground equipment. Galvanised steel pipes are popular plumbing options, and galvanised sheet metal is a typical component of duct-work and ventilation systems. Fences and gates are frequently made of galvanised steel.

Typical appearance of a galvanised steel sheet.

Outside of construction, galvanised steel can be found in computer casings, car hoods, fenders, oil pans, and wire ropes. Washing machines, air conditioners, and even hair dryers also contain some amount of galvanised steel.

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