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First produced close to two hundred years ago Aluminium is still one of the most innovative metals in use today.

And even though Aluminium Trading has collectively spent over one hundred years getting to know this ancient material intimately, we know that there is still much that remains to be discovered, as well as many opportunities for innovation that we would like to explore with you. After all, the one thing we’ve learnt about Aluminium is that if there’s an idea, there’s more than likely a way.

We would like to invite you on a journey of service excellence where we can share what we’ve learned in the past while going forward into the future.

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Our team spans 3 generations & over 200 years of collective experience in the aluminium, steel and related metal industries. This enables us to offer professional, sound advice to our clients.

Strategic sourcing of goods both locally and internationally, providing our valued customers with access to the best ferrous and non-ferrous metal products on earth.

Aluminium Trading operates a fleet of delivery vehicles daily offering FREE delivery within Gauteng. Term’s and conditions apply, please inquire for further details.

Our dedicated draughting team provides technical information and feedback directly to our valued customers. Customer specific requests are met using only the best design and drawing software and most effective tools and methodology.

Aluminium Products

Our products are used in over 300 industries in both South Africa and abroad

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