Equal Angles

Aluminium Equal Angles are used predominantly to contain, protect, reinforce and support various surfaces. The smaller angles are ideal for small projects including wall corners, counters and worktop edges. Our Equal Angles are available in alloy grade 6063 T6 as a standard. These extrusions provide excellent corrosion resistance and a great surface finish. We supply all our Equal Angles in a standard length of 6m with the option to ‘cut-to-size’. Other typical uses for equal angles include:

  • Window frames
  • Door designs
  • Shop fittings
  • Rails, posts and balustrades
aluminium angle - Aluminium Trading aluminium extrusions

Equal Angles

Stock CodeDimensions (mm)AlloyMass/M (kg)Length (m)
AAE 127 127 16060 A12.70 X 12.70 X 1.576063T60.1016
AAE 127 127 31860 A12.70 X 12.70 X 3.186063T60.1916
AAE 150 150 16060 A15.00 X 15.00 X 1.506063T60.1236
AAE 150 150 31860 A15.00 X 15.00 X 3.186063T60.2466
AAE 190 190 16060 A19.06 X 19.06 X 1.606063T60.1576
AAE 190 190 31860 A19.06 X 19.06 X 3.186063T60.3036
AAE 254 254 15260 A25.40 X 25.40 X 1.526063T60.2036
AAE 254 254 31860 A25.40 X 25.40 X 3.186063T60.4106
AAE 254 254 63660 A25.40 X 25.40 X 6.366061T60.7666
AAE 317 317 16060 A31.70 X 31.70 X 1.606063T60.2686
AAE 317 317 31860 A31.70 X 31.70 X 3.186063T60.5196
AAE 317 317 63660 A31.70 X 31.70 X 6.366061T60.9856
AAE 381 381 20460 A38.10 X 38.10 X 2.046063T60.4096
AAE 381 381 31860 A38.10 X 38.10 X 3.186063T60.6296
AAE 381 381 63660 A38.10 X 38.10 X 6.366061T61.2036
AAE 500 500 20060 A50.00 X 50.00 X 2.006063T60.5316
AAE 500 500 30060 A50.80 X 50.80 X 3.186063T60.8486
AAE 500 500 47460 A50.80 X 50.80 X 4.746063T61.2436
AAE 500 500 60060 A50.80 X 50.80 X 6.366061T61.6396
AAE 760 760 20060 A76.00 X 76.00 X 2.006063T60.8136
AAE 760 760 30060 A76.20 X 76.20 X 3.186063T61.2866
AAE 760 760 47860 A76.20 X 76.20 X 4.786063T61.9126
AAE 760 760 63660 A76.20 X 76.20 X 6.366061T62.5136
AAE 10001000 30060 A100.00 X 100.00 X 3.006061T61.6026

Equal Angle Images

Aluminium Equal Angle Extrusion
Aluminium Equal Angle Extrusion
Aluminium Equal Angle Extrusion
Aluminium Equal Angle Extrusion

Equal Angle Drawing

31.7mm Aluminium Equal Angles Extrusion
31.7mm Aluminium Equal Angles Extrusion

The adjacent diagram is an example of our 31.7mm Aluminium Equal Angle Extrusion. The purpose of this drawing is to help you visualise the extrusion and better understand the shape and angles involved. The information, drawings, catalogues and calculations provided on our website are for general purposes only and are not intended to constitute professional advice or a warranty of any kind. By using this website and or any printed marketing materials you agree to be bound by the Disclaimer. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information is accurate we will not be held liable for any errors or glitches arising from the direct or indirect use of this website.

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