Aluminium Sheets

Aluminium Sheets are lightweight, non-corrosive and easily formed or manipulated. Aluminium sheets are used for a wide range of applications such as vehicle body panels, lighting equipment, reflectors, chemical containers, signs, electronics and building materials. Our Aluminium sheet can be supplied in standard mill finish or they can be brushed, anodised or powder coated to be used in decorative applications. View our aluminium surface finishing options here.

Aluminium Sheeting is probably the most widely used form of Aluminium. We stock aluminium sheet in alloy 1050 and 5754 with other alloys available on request. We highly recommend our PVC coating on at least one side of our aluminium sheet to provide protection during transit.

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Aluminium Sheets 1050 H14

Thickness (mm)Sheet Dimensions (mm)Mass/Sheet (kg)
0.52500 X 12504.234
0.92500 X 12507.621
1.22500 X 125010.162
1.23000 X 150014.634
1.62500 X 125013.550
1.63000 X 150019.512
22500 X 125016.937
23000 X 150024.390
2.52500 X 125021.171
32500 X 125025.406
33000 X 150036.585

Aluminium Sheets 5754 H16

Thickness (mm)Dimensions (mm)Mass/Sheet (kg)
0.92500 x 12507.565
1.22500 x 125010.087
1.62500 x 125013.450
22500 x 125016.812
2.52500 x 125021.015
32500 x 125025.218

Uses of Aluminium Sheet

Aluminium sheets and plates are the most used forms of aluminium, with applications ranging from aerospace and transportation to general decorative uses. Aluminium sheet is, however, one of the most useful forms of aluminium. You can see aluminium sheets in use every day on car bodies and panels or utilised for packaging in the food and beverage industry, or even at home in parts of your cookware and appliances. Aluminium sheets can also be seen in the construction industry in the form of roofing, gutters and sidings on houses and businesses.

Aluminium sheets properties also make them ideal for use with the creation of strong and lightweight nameplates and other similar items. License plates for vehicles are often made from aluminium sheet because the material is affordable and its corrosion resistance and low-maintenance properties make it a perfect candidate for outdoor use.

The usability of aluminium sheets is dependent on its thickness, with thinner aluminium sheets being used for smaller goods such as schematics and scales. You can also find aluminium in really thin sheets, generally considered foil, which is often used for various applications around the house. Aluminium foil can be used for packaging, labeling and plenty of other applications.

Thicker aluminium sheets or plates are great for use as control panel plates or decorative plates while the thickest sheets are usually used for architectural and engineering applications or even as plaques that are displayed outdoors. Aluminium plates and sheets are very versatile with many uses and in order to ensure they last, you should ensure that you always pair the size and usage with the right application.

Ordering Info

To place an order kindly email us on [email protected]. To speed up your inquiry, please provide us with as much information as possible including product code, quantities, lengths, finishing etc. Alternatively, you can call us during office hours on (011) 457-7200 where a professional customer sales representative is ready to take your call.


Aluminium Trading Company provides a host of convenient services directly relating to our products. Cutting to size, Anodising, Powder Coating, Brushing, Engraving, Laser and Water Jet cutting, Welding and other services are all available on request to save you time and money. Please provide as many details as possible regarding the finishing and additional services you require when placing an order.
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