Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is a computer controlled process by which water is pressurised up to 6000psi and forced through a cutting nozzle resulting in a water stream that travels at ±2700 km an hour. A cutting abrasive is then introduced to the stream which makes it possible to cut an almost endless list of materials. Water Jet cutting provides a cost effective alternative to other cutting methods where tight tolerances are required. Water Jet cutting is useful for projects that fall beyond the scope of laser cutting. The process uses cold water, therefore there is no heat input and no change to the mechanical properties of the material.


A Cut Above The Rest

Our Water Jet can cut stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, titanium, steel, wood, bullet proof glass, ceramics, tiles, stone (granite, marble etc), Kevlar and other composites, and basically anything else you can think of! Our cutting bed allows for cutting a maximum material size of 2000 mm x 4000 mm. Our Water Jet Cutting services are available for various industries and applications not only in Johannesburg but all of Gauteng. A major advantage of water jet cutting is there is no heat-affected zone, providing the ability to cut without changing the materials inherent structure. This, in turn, allows metals to be cut without harming or changing intrinsic properties.

  • Works on almost any material
  • No distortion or “heat affected zone”

Fast & Efficient

Our Water Jet Cutting lead times are dependent on the quantities ordered and the availability of the machine with most jobs completed within 2-7 days and larger jobs taking approximately 5-10 days.

Please confirm a lead time with us when placing an order to ensure your Water Jet job is completed within your required time-frame.


Why Use Our Water Jet Cutting Service?

Fast Turnaround

Time Is Money...

We aim to complete all orders with the shortest possible lead time. We have a predetermined schedule for our water jet jobs enabling us to provide you with an accurate lead time once a deposit has been received.

Material Sourcing & Supply

We Know A Guy...

Aluminium Trading can provide sheet and plate products as well as further fabrication and finishing services including bending, cutting, laser cutting, powder coating, anodising and more. For a full list of our available service please see our Services Page.

Expert Advise

Right The First Time...

Our knowledgeable and experienced laser team are able to effectively analyse your drawings or plans and advise you of any issues that may arise during AND after production. This avoids having to redo a project which ultimately saves you money!

We are proud to have worked on projects with some of SA's largest corporate companies...