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An Introduction to Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel is essentially a standard steel sheet with an added zinc coating designed to prevent rusting. Although it is primarily thought of as a structural steel used in building, it is actually an extremely versatile product with a wide variety of commercial applications that is by no means limited to use in the construction […]

The Difference Between Laser & Plasma Cutting

Laser and plasma cutting are currently the two most popular metal cutting methods in the industrial sector. These cutting methods are used in the manufacture of a variety of products such as kitchen fittings, lamps, automobiles, machinery and general engineering. We have spoken to come customers who make exclusive use of plasma-cutting for all their […]

Is Powder Coating bad for rims?

The short answer is yes, and its even illegal in certain countries including Germany! Even just using heat to bend damaged rims back into shape is not allowed. There are many Powder Coating establishments, including 'rim repair professionals’ that powder coat and then bake rims at temperatures between 150C and 200C for around 15-20 minutes. [...]

The Use Of Aluminium In The Medical Industry

  Aluminium is an amazing material that has impacted nearly every major industry over the past century. That includes the medical industry and the many devices that are transforming healthcare as we know it. Thanks to aluminium, people all over the world are living longer, healthier lives. Today we’ll be looking at what aluminium alloys […]

Waterjet Cutting – Five Benefits

Five Benefits of Water Jet Cutting It doesn’t matter whether you are new to water jet Cutting or already make use of water jet technology for your manufacturing, the benefits of water jet cutting are always important to know. This article will explain five benefits of water jet cutting to help you make a better, […]


  To our valued customers, suppliers and staff. 19-03-2020 At Aluminium Trading Group, we always work hard to provide our customers with quality products and service and we wanted to let you know that we’re here when you need us! Now, more than ever, our greatest priority is the health and safety of our customers, […]

Powder Coating – The Perfect Finish

At Aluminium Trading, we know that quality finishing options are an important aspect for many of our customers. Different finishes can provide aesthetic and performance improvements to sheets and extruded profiles. Powder coating can provide the benefits of a flawless surface coverage and increased abrasion resistance. A Modern Method Powder coating is a 3 part […]

The Uses Of Stainless Steel In Aircraft

Modern aircraft are perfect examples of mankind’s progression in technology and engineering. Built to be both durable and efficient, they rely on some of the most advanced materials available today, which is why it’s no surprise that many types of aeroplanes consist of a variety of stainless steel alloys. When thinking about the metal used […]

Why Doesn’t Stainless Steel Rust?

Steel has been an invaluable industrial material for millennia. The earliest known use of steel dates back nearly 4,000 years to to an archaeological site in Anatolia. The Roman military were known for thier use of steel, and other early civilizations used it for tools, weapons and general construction. Steel was particularly valuable to these […]

The Advantages of Laser Cutting

There are numerous processes for material cutting in the industrial sector, including several types involving laser cutting. A simple search online will provide a plethora of information about laser cutting, so we have gathered up some of the most interesting and useful advantages of laser cutting into one neat article.   What started the laser […]

Product Focus: Slatwall Section

What is a Slatwall and a Slatwall Section? A Slatwall Section, also known as a Slotwall Section, is an extruded aluminium profile that is used primarily in a Slatwall shopfitting fixture for wall coverings and display fixtures. A Slatwall is a building material that is characterised by its horizontal grooves – also known as slats […]

Product Focus: Piano Hinge

  A Piano Hinge, also commonly referred to as a ‘continuous hinge,’ is a long hinge mechanism made up of two continuous pieces that are conjoined centrally by pins, usually stainless steel or brass. The pins are able to rotate freely due to the knuckle lengths being multiple hinged. The most common materials used to […]

Can Aluminum Be Welded To Steel?

Aluminium can be welded to most other metals relatively easily with the use of adhesive bonding or mechanical fastening. However, in order to successfully weld aluminium to steel, certain special techniques are required. When some metals such as copper, steel, titanium or magnesium are directly arc welded to aluminium, very brittle inter-metallic compounds start to […]

Laser Cut Interior Designs – Modern, Innovative & Contemporary

Laser Cut Interior Designs Laser cut interior designs are becoming increasingly popular on modern infrastructure and with interior decor of buildings and open spaces. Architects and interior design firms are using a wide range of materials for wall coverings, dividing of spaces, soundproofing applications and for simply bringing a more artistic look to rooms and [...]

Welding Aluminium with MIG – A Short Guide

First off, lets start by stating that MIG Welding aluminium with a general purpose MIG welder is not recommended, and a DIY type machine is even less suitable. One of the best types of machines to weld aluminium with would be an AC/DC TIG Welder. Having said that, most MIG Welders can be used for […]

Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Spring Month Spring has officially arrived, awakening nature and all of its beauty! A bit of spring cleaning will leave your home happy, and you feeling inspired and ready for a great summer. Celebrate the end of winter and the better weather ahead with these refreshing spring ideas and special offers! Custom Garden Goodies [...]

The Difference Between Stainless & Mild Steel

Most people view the world around them as being built from just a handful of different materials – plastic, metal, glass etc. But for anyone in construction or any kind of metallurgical industry, the difference between materials can be quite profound, even between similar materials such as stainless steel and mild steel. The particular composition […]

Do Artisanal Aluminium Pots Leech Toxic Metals Into Cooked Food?

Article and Research courtesy of Angela Mathee - [email protected] THE POTENTIAL FOR EXPOSURE TO TOXIC METALS FROM FOODS COOKED IN ARTISANAL ALUMINIUM POTS Increased awareness in recent years of the practice of smelting waste aluminium to craft cooking pots, has raised concern over the potential for leaching of toxic metals into cooked foods, and the [...]

How Are Galvanized & Stainless Steel Different?

If your business works with metal, you may have to choose between galvanized and stainless steel on some projects. These two varieties of steel might sound like interchangeable options — after all, they contain the same base material — but they have very different properties due to the way they’re processed. After reading the guide below, […]

5 Effects of Trumps Metal Tariffs

In March last year, the Trump administration imposed new tariffs on aluminium and steel imports in an effort to boost domestic jobs in American metal production. The move has had a major impact on the steel and aluminium industries both in the United States and abroad, creating great opportunities for some American metal suppliers and […]

Which Aluminium Alloys Can Be Anodised?

While it is widely known that aluminium has a great general appearance and good corrosion resistance, there are many instances where further increasing these properties is required. This is where the anodising process comes into play. Aluminium anodising is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of […]

The Aluminium Numbering System

What is the Aluminium Numbering System? Aluminium is usually alloyed with several other elements in order to improve various properties such machinability or chemical resistance. As a result, there is a large amount of combinations of various alloying elements that can be combined to achieve the desired properties, this results in a wide variety of […]

Venezuela Blackout Dooms Aluminium Industry: Will SA Suffer The Same Fate?

After Venezuela’s energy supply failed on March 8th, the directors of the CVG together with the presidents of each company decided to shut down Venalum and Alcasa. Are some South African industries heading in the same direction? After Venezuela’s energy supply failed on March 8th, the directors of the CVG together with the presidents of […]

Product Focus: Boat Trim Extrusion

O Boat Trim Fender Extrusion With Insert An Aluminium Boat Trim is an aluminium extrusion designed to act primarily as a boating fender. It is used on the sides of boats and other mobile vehicles and equipment as a bumper apparatus to absorb the initial energy or shock experienced in the planned or unplanned collision [...]

A Guide to Painting Aluminium

Aluminium has no shortage of useful and desirable properties, most of which contribute to its almost universal status as one of the most versatile metals on earth. This ever-increasing renown is resulting in more materials and products being replaced by aluminium alternatives every day. It is for this reason that it is important to understand [...]

Aluminium – The Metal Extraordinaire

What you need to know about Aluminium – An infographic with statistics and details on aluminium, its production, price and uses around the globe. Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Product Focus: Rope Rail Extrusion

Aluminium Rope Rail Extrusion with core and fabric inserted in the channel An Aluminium Rope Rail is an aluminium extrusion designed to secure fabric to a hard surface. In South Africa is used predominantly for securing a bakkie tonneau cover at the base of the cover by sliding a piping core attached to the tonneau material [...]

The Amazing Truth About Aluminium Recycling

Its a fact, aluminium has become one of the most sustainable building materials on earth. Aluminium cans are thrown away by the millions every day without a second thought about where they finally end up. Aluminium windows and doors are often discarded as scrap – have you ever wondered what happens to them?   Aluminium [...]

5 Practical Uses Of Aluminium Foil That You Probably Never Knew

From wrapping food to braaing fish and mielies, aluminium foil has an abundance of practical uses, and due to its low cost and high versatility, is one of the most common items found in the kitchen today. Although you probably use this ‘metallic paper’ in numerous applications around the house, we’re willing to bet there […]

The Best Type of Aluminium For Use in Electrical Applications

Why Is Aluminium A Good Choice For Electrical Applications? The many advantageous properties of aluminium are clear to see. The material is extremely lightweight, boasts a high strength to weight ratio and is extremely corrosion resistant. The metals natural oxidisation layer protects it from bacteria and moisture, making it an ideal packaging material in the pharmaceutical and […]

Plastic backlash results in ramped up can production at Nampak

Nampak is ramping up manufacturing of aluminium cans as Africa’s most significant manufacturer of drinks packaging reacts to shoppers’ world-wide plastic rejections. The company is also placing increased focus on cardboard cartons and the development of a sustainable plastic lid made predominantly of sugar cane, CEO Andre de Ruyter claimed in a telephone interview. That […]

What is the difference between Aluminium Sheet, Plate, and Coil?

Aluminium sheets, plates and coil.Aluminium Trading supplies aluminium sheets, plates and coil to hundreds of industries throughout Southern Africa each month. The metals strength, superb corrosion resistance and light-weight structure make it a very popular material to work with to meet the modern and intricate demands of today’s world. In fact, Aluminium has become the […]

South Africa Welcomes Aluminium Product Exclusions From US – Section 232 Duties

Trade & Industry Minister Dr Rob Davies has welcomed a recent announcement regarding improved trade developments with the United States as a positive step towards normalising relations between South Africa and The United States. This follows an announcement made by the US Department of Commerce stating that the department has granted exemptions for certain steel and […]

Here’s how much metal it takes to make your iPhone

Credit: Jeremy Berke, Business Insider US Jul 12, 2018 iPhones contain a number of different metals, including titanium, iron, and aluminium. There is far more aluminium than any other metal in your phone — it makes up about 24% of an iPhone’s mass. While rare Earth elements comprise only a fraction of an iPhone’s mass, mining for […]

South African farmers play chicken with Trump tariffs

By: REUTERS Via Engineering News Aug 29, 2018 Herman Pretorius is just the kind of white South African farmer US President Donald Trump expressed concern for when he barged into the country’s delicate land reform debate by ordering an investigation into the “large-scale killing of farmers”. But for the greying, bespectacled 58-year-old, wading knee-deep through some 35 000 chickens […]