Ultra Mirror – Reflective Stainless Steel Sheets

Ultra Mirror - Perfectly Reflective Stainless Steel Sheets

Our Ultra Mirror polished stainless steel sheets are a near-perfect polished product produced exclusively on stainless steel. The product is completely blemish free and boasts perfect reflective quality that creates improved light and space in almost any environment where it is utilised.

Ultra Mirror Finish - External Use
Ultra Mirror Finish - Reflective Stainless Steel Sheets

Safe, Affordable, Alternative

Ultra Mirror stainless steel sheets provide a great alternative to glass in many traditional applications. Unlike glass, Ultra Mirror will not crack or shatter making it perfect for use in food preparation, ceilings, clothing stores, hospitals and even prisons. Any high traffic pedestrian area is usually a risky spot to place glass panels, with Ultra Mirror you can eliminate the breakage risks and provide a safe, perfectly reflective surface for your customers, staff and the general public.

Ultra Mirror - Availability

Our Ultra Mirror polished stainless steel sheets are available in grade 304, with many other grades available on request. The standard dimensions of the sheets supplied are as follows:

Length: 2500 mm
Width: 1250 mm
Thickness: 0.7 / 0.9 / 1.2 / 1.5 / 2.0 mm

Other sizes can be arranged on request, kindly Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Ultra Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheets

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