Partitioning Systems

Partitions are a fantastic way to create structure in the office, and if glass is used, the office will maintain an open and spacious look and feel. Our partitioning systems can accommodate both drywall and glass sheets providing a solution that fits your budget.

Our partitioning systems can accommodate boards of the following sizes:

12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 21mm, 40mm, 44mm

Stock CodeDescription / DimensionsAlloyMass/M (kg)Length (m)
AXMASONITE U 30 AMasonite U Channel6063T60.0763
AXMASONITE H 30 AMasonite H Section6063T60.0953
12mm Board
AC 158 158 16060 A15.88 X 15.88 X 1.60 Channel (12 mm U/BC)6063T60.1926
ACH 158 158 16060 A12mm H Section (15.88 X 15.88 X 1.6)6063T60.1916
16 mm Board
AC 195 195 12060 A19.52 X 19.52 X 1.2 Channel (16 mm U/BC)6063T60.1836
ACH 195 195 12060 A16 mm H Section (19.52 X 19.52 X 1.2)6063T60.1906
16mm F Channel6063T60.2526
18 mm Board
AC 210 210 12060 A21.06 X 21.06 X 1.2 Channel (18 mm U/BC)6063T60.1986
ACH 210 210 12060 A18 mm H Section (21.06 X 21.06 X 1.2)6063T60.1986
21 mm Board
AC 238 229 14060 A23.82 X 22.98 X 1.4 Channel (20 mm U/BC)6063T60.2526
ACH 238 229 14060 A21 mm H Section (23.82 X 22.98 X 1.4) 6063T60.2526
40 mm Board
AC 444 190 16060 A44.46 X 19.06 X 1.60 Channel (40 mm U/BC)6063T60.3286
44 mm Board
AC 475 190 15260 A47.50 X 19.06 X 1.52 Channel (44 mm U/BC)6063T60.3416
ACH 475 190 14060 A44 mm No 3 Small H Section (48.5 X 27.4 X 2)6063T60.5396

Partitioning Systems Images

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