Heat Sinks & Electronic Enclosures

Aluminium Heat Sinks are used in critical product cooling systems and provide huge benefits for industrial and commercial electronics manufacturers due to the light weight and high strength of the product. We supply 97mm heat sinks as a standard but other sizes and designs can be made to specification. Aluminium Electronic Enclosures are used to house and protect PC Boards and general electronic equipment. Our electronic extrusions are made from 6063 T6 Aluminium, an architectural alloy with very good corrosion resistance and medium strength. We supply our Aluminium Heat Sink and Enclosure extrusions in standard lengths (see table below) with the option to ‘cut-to-size’. Typical uses for Aluminium Heat Sinks and Electronic Enclosures include:

  • House P.C. boards or equipment interfacing.
  • Provide cooling systems for electronic manufacturers
Heat-Sink Extrusion
Stock CodeDetailsAlloyMass/M (kg)Length (m)
AXHEATSINK97 60 AHeat Sink 97mm6063T62.566
AXHEATSINK114.3 60 AHeat Sink 114.3mm6063T61.8566
AXELECBOX36 40 AElectronic Channel 36 x 136063T60.4654
AXELECBOX50 50 A50 x 28mm Electronic Box6063T60.6735
AXELECBOX66 60 A66.5 x 37.69 Electronic Box6063T61.0336
ATG-200123 6000 2 A130 x 35.7mm Electronic Enclosure 6000 Mill6063T61.4076

Heat Sink & Electronic Enclosure Drawings

The adjacent diagrams are examples of our Aluminium Heat Sink and Electronic Enclosure Extrusions. The purpose of these drawing is to help you visualise and better understand the shapes and angles involved in the extrusions. The information, drawings, catalogues and calculations provided on our website are for general purposes only and are not intended to constitute professional advice or a warranty of any kind. By using this website and/or any other Aluminium Trading marketing materials, whether printed or digital, you agree to be bound by the disclaimer.

Ordering Info

To place an order kindly email us on [email protected]. To speed up your inquiry, please provide us with as much information as possible including product code, quantities, lengths, finishing etc. Alternatively, you can call us during office hours on (011) 457-7200 where a professional customer sales representative is ready to take your call.


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