Sign Sections

Aluminium Sign Sections are used in a variety of signage applications from safety signs to exhibition stands and lightboxes. Our Sign Sections are available in alloy grade 6063 T6, this is an architectural alloy with medium strength and high corrosion resistance. These qualities are ideal for indoor or outdoor signage applications. We supply our Aluminium Sign Sections in different lengths (see table below) with the option to ‘cut-to-size’. Typical uses for Aluminium Sign Sections include:

  • Safety signage (Emergency exit etc.)
  • Exhibition stands
  • Lightbox signage
  • General signage applications
Stock CodeDescriptionAlloyMass/M (kg)Length (m)
ADSQB 60 AQB Sign Section6063T60.8756
ADSMAEWEST 60 AMae West Section6063T61.4376
ADSSAFETY 30 ASafety Sign Section6063T60.1503
ADSHSML35 60 ADisplay Section 3.5mm Baby h6063T60.2126
ADSHMED60 60 ADisplay Section 6.0mm Medium h6063T60.3436
ADSHLRG70 60 ADisplay Section 7.0mm Large h6063T60.6186

Sign Section Images

With the exception of the Mae West Corner photo (which is not an extrusion), these images have been rendered using technical drawing software. To take a closer look, please click the image to expand it.

Sign Section Drawings

The adjacent diagrams are examples of our Aluminium Sign Section Extrusions. The purpose of these drawings is to help you visualise and better understand the shape and angles involved in the extrusions. The information, drawings, catalogues and calculations provided on our website are for general purposes only and are not intended to constitute professional advice or a warranty of any kind. By using this website and/or any other Aluminium Trading marketing materials, whether printed or digital, you agree to be bound by the disclaimer.

Ordering Info

To place an order kindly email us on [email protected]. To speed up your inquiry, please provide us with as much information as possible including product code, quantities, lengths, finishing etc. Alternatively, you can call us during office hours on (011) 457-7200 where a professional customer sales representative is ready to take your call.


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