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At Aluminium Trading we provide customers with a variety of convenient services relating to the manipulation and enhancement of our products AND yours. We offer a variety of cutting, bending, fabrication and finishing services for aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and related alloys.
We believe that it is imperative to provide our customers with services of the highest quality with convenient and realistic lead times. We achieve this by providing guidance, expert advice and professional consultancy with any project our customers may have, no matter how large or trivial it may appear.
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Laser-Cutting ServiceLaser CutingService

Aluminium Trading uses only the highest quality, trusted laser machinery – Swiss manufactured Bystronic lasers. Bystronic is recognised as a world-leading supplier of high-quality machines and systems for the economical processing of sheet metal and other flat materials.

We provide our clients with the highest standards of accuracy and quality in laser cutting solutions.

  • Highly accurate precision cutting.
  • Cutting of various mediums – wood, perspex, aluminium, steel and more.
  • Large bed size enables cutting of large or ‘awkward’ projects.
Water Jet Cutting ServiceWater Jet CuttingService

Water jet cutting is a computer controlled process by which water is pressurised up to 6000psi and forced through a cutting nozzle resulting in a water stream that travels at ±2700 km an hour. A cutting abrasive is then introduced to the stream which makes it possible to cut an almost endless list of materials.

A major advantage of water jet cutting is there is no heat-affected zone, providing the ability to cut without changing the materials inherent structure. This, in turn, allows metals to be cut without harming or changing intrinsic properties.

  • Works on almost any material
  • No distortion or “heat affected zone”
Plasma Cutting ServicePlasma CuttingService

We offer premium Plasma Cutting Services to various industries throughout SA. High definition plasma cutting provides a superior solution to traditional cutting.

With superior quality, we can efficiently cut a variety of materials both economically, and without flaws; which is why plasma cutting is often a preferred alternative to flame cutting.

High definition plasma cutters are capable of cutting up to 40mm sheet metal in a large 3 meter by 1.5 meter bed, providing the capability to accurately cut very large sheets of aluminium and stainless steel. We use only the latest technology providing customers with a smooth, detailed and intricate finish.

Bending, Punching & Sawing

Metal Bending ServiceBendingService

We have provided bending services to so many different industries throughout South Africa, chances are you’ve seen our work and didn’t realise it.

Our CNC press brakes have powerful PC-based control and programming software that creates interactive databases for bend allowances, angle corrections and spring-back. Trial bending is minimised and the time required to produce quality parts is greatly reduced.

Typical advantages of our bending brake service include:

  • Precise Accuracy
  • Minimal Set-Up Time
  • Fast Production Speeds
Metal Punching ServicePunchingService

Punching machines are able to process a diverse range of parts with flexibility. In addition to punching, the machine provides the option to form sheet metal parts or integrate a thread – all on the same machine.

The punching head can turn the tool to any angular position, increasing productivity and lowering the costs incurred when using multiple machines from the same job.

  • Increased productivity due to automation leads to lower costs
  • Highest part quality and precision.
  • Processes sheet thicknesses of up to 0.25 in with up to 600 strokes per minute.
Metal Cutting ServiceSawingService

Due to the fact that we almost always provide our extruded aluminium products in lengths of 3m or 6m, a common inquiry we receive is regarding a cut-to-size service.

Aluminium Trading has a broad range of precision sawing equipment including table saws, mitre saws, and band saws, allowing us to rapidly and effortlessly saw your bars, tubes and angles to size.

Our low-cost sawing service is aimed at conveniently providing our customers with cost-effective and time saving cut-to-size extrusions and profiles.



We offer anodising services for the surface finishing of aluminium sections of up to 3.350m lengths. We can offer a variety of different colours in either matt or bright finishes and we also accommodate lengths of up to 7.500m in a natural finish. Through the use of titanium jigs, contact marks kept to an absolute minimum.

Typical services include:

  • Chemical Brightening
  • Component & Extrusion Anodising
  • Natural Architectural Anodising
  • Mechanical Polishing & Brushing
Powder_Coating_ServicePowder CoatingService

Powder coating is the process of “baking” powdered plastic onto a metal surface. The resulting coating is abrasion resistant and relatively hard, providing both protective and aesthetic value to the product.

The powder coating process typically adds 64 to 127 microns to each coated side and edge. There are numerous pros and cons when choosing powder coating over anodising and vice versa. For expert advice regarding powder coating, simply give us a call.

Typical powder coating applications include:

  • Sheet Metal Boxes & Enclosures
  • Metal Brackets & Panels
  • Custom Auto Parts
Sandblasting-and-Shot-blasting-ServiceBead & Sand BlastingService

Bead Blasting is a metal surface finishing treatment utilizing beads of round glass. The beads are fired by air pressure through a unique nozzle directed at the material’s surface. This results in bright, satin and uniform surface finishing with minimal dimensional change or removal of material from the component.

Bead Blasting produces a very aesthetically appealing finish which makes it suitable as a final finish on many components.

Bead blasting is perfect for:

  • Cleaning
  • Finishing
  • Deburring
  • Peening

Fabrication & Welding

Metal Bending ServiceFabricationService

With a workshop equipped with the latest tools and technology, we are able to offer full project fabrication services.

With a variety of specialised machines, including multi-operation CNC machines able to handle long lengths, we are perfectly positioned to handle fabrication work on various steel alloys and both rolled and extruded aluminium.

Typical fabrication services include:

  • Machining
  • Joining
  • Forming
drawing office aluminium tradingDrawing OfficeService

Our in-house drawing office services clients from many different industries, ranging from large developments to smaller companies where drawing work doesn’t justify a full-time draughtsman.

We are proud to provide customers with accurate, world-class drawing services including:

  • 2D/3D Models
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Structural Steel & Aluminium
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Engineering Presentations
Welding service aluminium tradingWeldingService

We pride ourselves on welding services of the highest quality standards.

Our specialist welding service is renowned for its workmanship, and our facilities have a large range of procedures built up over many years. This enables us to undertake many critical tasks to suit almost every type of welding job.

  • Welders are fully qualified
  • Welding capabilities including carbon steels, stainless steels, duplex, RQT and aluminium
  • Processes used include TIG, MIG, MAG, FCAW and MMA

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