Patterned, Specialised & Decorative Metal Sheets

Decorative Metal Sheets

Aluminium Trading now offers a diverse range of decorative stainless steel, aluminium and other specialised metal sheets including polished, coloured and patterned finishes. Aesthetically pleasing, durable and inexpensive, these products can be combined to provide a world of colour and texture to spice up almost any sheet metal application.

ColourBond Finishes

ColourBond stainless steel sheets are a specialised powder coated product. These sheets are used for indoor applications and can be combined with Imprimo, Polished, and Patterned designs to create beautiful indoor finishing options.

ColourFuse Decorative Stainless Steel Sheets
Colourex Blastex Stainless Steel Sheets

Colourex Finishes

Imported Colourex is the modern-day architects best friend. These designer sheets can be combined with decorative Mirror, Satin, Granex or Patterened finishes to create stunning architectural designs.

Polished Patterns

Aluminium Trading supplies a full range of Polished finishes for use in various applications. From elevators to coffee tables, there is a high quality design for every application.

Patterned Stainless Steel Finished Sheets
Blastex Bead Blasted Finish

Blastex Finishes

Bead blasted Blastex finishes can be applied to stainless steel and aluminium sheets and coil. This finish provides a beautiful matt-finish with various coarsenesses. A very popular selection for architectural applications.

Floortex & Treadtex

Floortex is a heavy duty patterned plate with a strong, non-slip, rigid pattern. This product is available in various metals with stainless steel being the most popular choice. The product provides a refreshing different design to standard Tread Plate and is ideally suited for walkways, tool room floors, fire protection landings and even offices and architectural use.

Treadtex and Floortex Stainless Steel
Basket Weave Patterned Finish Stainless Steel

Patterned Finishes

Our imported and locally produced patterned finishes provide a plethora of possibilities for decorative metal sheet applications. Combine these sheets with our ColourBond finish for endless indoor designs or use the sheets ‘as is’ for stunning exterior designs.

Ultra Mirror

Ultra Mirror is a near perfect, blemish-free polish that can be produced on Stainless Steel. This product has become increasingly popular not only for decorative purposes but in applications where standard mirrors could pose a hazard due to shattering such as hospitals and even prisons.

Ultra Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheets

Imprimo Finishes

Imprimo finishes allow for custom large definition patterns to be rolled into stainless steel, aluminium and some other materials. Our standard Imprimo patterns include the popular quilt, diamond and bubble designs.