Screens, Dividers & Architectural Facade Panels

Screens and Partitions

Aluminium Trading design and supply panels, screens and dividers for both interior design and exterior architecture applications. Our manufacturing capabilities allow for exclusive designs to be fabricated and used in commercial environments such as retail stores, hotels, bars, restaurants and offices as well as luxury residences and apartments.

From walls, ceilings, cabinets and decorative internal dividing partitions to panels that feature in exterior facades to compliment external cladding. Our laser cut panels can be used for dozens of applications, even refurbishment projects and landscape architecture.

Residential Decorative Screens and Panels
Decorative Wall Partitions - Residential Applications
Laser Cut Exterior Roof Panels
Laser Cut Panels Used in Office Reception Area
Laser Cut Ceiling Panels With Backlights

Wall & Ceiling Panels

One of the most common applications for our screens and dividers is wall partitioning. Wall partitions assist in defining a rooms space, while controlling light and visibility from other areas of the room. These partitions are commonly used in residential, commercial, hospitality and restaurant applications. Wall partitions can be used as a decorative focal point that defines certain areas, such as an entrance or dining room, from other areas. Lighting can also be incorporated in between the panels at the top or bottom. The separated panels will change appearance as patrons walk by creating a feeling of motion.

Ceiling and skylight panels are an increasingly popular addition to residential and commercial projects. Ceiling panels can be a relatively inexpensive way to enhance the look and feel of a room while adding a new dimension to your design. Ceiling panels are often back-lit with LED lighting and are available in wood, steel or aluminium with various thicknesses. Ceiling panels are a fantastic addition to restaurant bars, hotel lobbies, and private bathrooms or spas. These gorgeous panels can be a focal point, or create a desired ambiance depending on the pattern you choose – its entirely up to you!

Cabinetry, Stairways and Deck Railings

Incorporating our wooden laser-cut panels into your cabinetry or furniture design is the ideal way to add a unique feel to your work. You can use our unique patterns or they can be custom made by you to match other elements on your project. Panels can also be back-lit with LED lights to give a more personalised touch to your furniture and cabinet creations.

Another unique design use for our panels is for deck or stairway railings. The railings can be enclosed in a beautiful pattern that lets just the right amount of light in while still providing adequate safety and privacy. Not all materials or patterns are suitable for stairway railings, but we can help you choose just the right look for your next project.

Furniture Applications - Laser Cut Panels
Laser Cut Stair Railings
Furniture Applications - Laser Cut Panels
Custom Patterned Stair Railing Panels
Laser Cut Solar Shading Facade Screens
Perforated Panels For Facades and Solar Shading
Laser Cut Panels for Outdoors and High Moisture Areas
Custom Perforated Panels For Facades and Solar Shading

Outdoor, High Moisture and Facade Panels

We have the right material for any of your high moisture projects. Aluminium, stainless steel and even weather-proof wood can all be used safely and will not warp. Our laser cut panels will look perfect in a spa, bathroom or even in the garden. Our outdoor panels are often used to add privacy to decks and in outdoor hotel spaces such as bars, restaurants, and lounges.

One product often used in exterior facade solutions are our perforated sheets. When used in facade applications these sheets provide various benefits such as noise and weight reduction, air control, filtration and all the while providing an attractive, decorative finish to the project.

Whether you are looking for decorative facade solutions, to add art to your garden, or just bring natural elements to your indoor relaxation areas, we have the products that can last.

Classic Panel Designs


Adri Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Arabesque Pattern Laser Cut Panel

Arabesque 2

Arabesque 2 Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Archway Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Bookshelf Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Casablanca Pattern Laser Cut Panel


CPU Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Fame Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Gothika Pattern Laser Cut sheet


Horseshoe Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Leanne Pattern Laser Cut Sheet

Lounge Grille

Lounge Grille Pattern Laser Cut Sheet

Maze Runner

Maze Runner Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Patches Pattern Laser Cut Sheet

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Pattern Laser Cut Sheet

Silver Flower

Silver Flower Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Sinead Pattern Laser Cut Panel

Square Link

Square Link Pattern Laser Cut Panel

Square Mezzo

Square Mezzo Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Stairs Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Tribal Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Tri-Weave Pattern Laser Cut Panel

Woven Links

Woven Links Pattern Laser Cut Panel

Young Bloom

Young Bloom Pattern Laser Cut Panel

Geometric Panel Designs

Art Deco

Art Deco Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Beijing Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Cester Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Circles Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Faith Pattern Laser Cut sheet


Ferrovia Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Fidget Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Flashflood Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Gem Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Mod Pattern Laser Cut Sheet

Office Blocks

Office Blocks Pattern Laser Cut Sheet

Rectangle Mosaic

Rectangle Mosaic Pattern Laser Cut Sheet

Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Struts Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Taiwan Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Tetris Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Tokyo Pattern Laser Cut Panel

Triangle Fade

Triangle Fade Pattern Laser Cut Panel

Organic Panel Designs


Currents Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Drops Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Fan Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Herringbone Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Leaves Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Pebbles Pattern Laser Cut Sheet


Daisies Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Skylar Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Scales Pattern Laser Cut Panel


Sunrise Pattern Laser Cut Panel

Perforated Panels

Our perforated sheets and plates are supplied to customer specifications. Our maximum sheet processing size is 3000 mm x 1500 mm and we can do CNC perforating on sheets up to 4.0 mm thick in mild steel, 3.0 mm thick in stainless steel, and 6.0 mm thick in aluminium.

To Place an order for perforated products please supply us with the following information:

  • Aperture size & shape
  • Pitch
  • Type of material
  • Special margins
  • Length & width of plate


Perforated Sheets - Hexagon Pattern


Perforated Sheets - Round Pattern


Perforated Sheets - Square Pattern

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