Product Focus: Rope Rail Extrusion

Rope Rail Extrusion

Aluminium Rope Rail Extrusion with core and fabric inserted in the channel

An Aluminum Rope Rail is an aluminium extrusion designed to secure fabric to a hard surface. In South Africa is used predominantly for securing a bakkie tonneau cover at the base of the cover by sliding a piping core attached to the tonneau material into the extrusion. The core is usually made from extruded PVC, or similar elastic material to allow flexibility. The core is then wrapped in the desired fabric, which usually has exposed fibers on the outside to allow the core to easily slide into the rope rail. The rope rail extrusion is designed for strength and will bend only over a very large radius.

Installation of the Rail

Installation of the rope rail is simple. Typically, the rail is fixed to the relevant surface with screws. It is recommended to drill holes for screws every 10 to 20 cm through the center of the rail with at least one screw next to each end of the rail.

Other Uses for an Aluminium Rope Rail Extrusion

A rope rail can also be used to hold signage, sails, and tarpaulins in place, or they can be fixed to the side of a caravan to secure extended tent panels to the caravan.  An Aluminium Rope Rail is also known locally as a rope track or sail track and internationally as a sail rope rail, edge reinforcement, hem rope rail, awning track or welting rail.

Other products that make uses of the Rope Rail Extrusion include:

  • Banners
  • Tents and Awnings
  • Fabric Structures
  • Industrial Curtains
  • Tarpaulins
  • Pool Covers
  • Marine Products
  • Truck Side Signs
  • Shade Cloths & Blinds
  • Upholstery
  • Marquees, Sails
  • Any Textile Cloth in Tension
Awning On A Trailor

Rope Rail extrusion being used with a camping trailer awning

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