Product Focus: Slatwall Section

What is a Slatwall and a Slatwall Section?

Slatwall Section, also known as a Slotwall Section, is an extruded aluminium profile that is used primarily in a Slatwall shopfitting fixture for wall coverings and display fixtures. A Slatwall is a building material that is characterised by its horizontal grooves – also known as slats – where Slatwall Sections are inserted to hold various attachments that will neatly display products to potential customers. Slatwall’s are available in a variety of forms including wall panels and freestanding fixtures. The Slatwall Section allows a variety of merchandising attachments like bins and shelves to fit safely into the slats. This enables shop owners to update their Slatwall displays in minutes and without the need for tools. The panels used in a Slatwall are typically made from plywood, perspex or MDF (Medium Density fiberboard) with a desired finish such as melamine or plain paint.

Accessories, Attachments, & Add-ons

Slatwall displays are practical and durable, and the accessories and attachments that can be used make for a hugely versatile display solution. By swapping out accessories, it is possible to transform a display of haircare or gardening products into a literature stand in just a few minutes. The accessories are usually available in a variety of colours and finishes too.

Some known accessories include:

  • Hangrails,
  • Peg Hooks,
  • Frame Hooks,
  • Straight Faceouts,
  • Waterfall Faceouts,
  • Shelving,
  • Bins & Literature Pockets

Advantages of a Slatwall

  • Durable – Slatwall’s have an impressive life span, they are difficult to damage, and can hold heavier merchandise than other fixtures due to the Slatwall Section that is inserted into the channels.
  • Affordable – With a variety of uses, Slatwall’s are great value for money. The production cost of a basic Slatwall with a Slatwall Section is relatively low.
  • Custom Displays – With a variety of finishes, shapes, sizes and attachment types, Slatwalls offer a retail display that is unique to each business and its needs.
  • Versatililty – Slatwall’s are not limited by product type, they can be used to display clothing, food, makeup and much more.
  • User-Friendly – Slatwall’s are easy to use and don’t require tools for adjustments. Once assembled and installed, all that is required is the hooking of attachments onto the wall to start merchandising.

Groove Spacing

A key characteristic of Slatwall display systems is the groove spacing between each Slatwall Section. The groove spacing is measured from the center of the first groove directly to the center of the next groove. If more usable ‘shelves’ and display spaces are required then smaller groove spacing can be used while larger grooves will offer more strength. Because the Slatwall Section is only available in one size, the grooves themselves are also machined at one standard size.

To view more details on our Slatwall Section please view our Aluminium Channels page.

Comments (4)

  • Albie Nel Reply

    Will you please be so kind to give me more information regarding the Slatwall Extrusion.
    Price, order quantities and length.

    Thanking you kindly
    Albie Nel

    January 29, 2020 at 8:00 am
    • admin Reply

      Hi Albie,
      The standard length is 3.7m. You can purchase any quantity you require even just 1 length. For pricing please contact us on email or telephone. Our details can be seen in the header above the menu on every page of this website.
      Best Regards,

      January 30, 2020 at 10:24 am
  • Werner Reply

    good day, I am interested in the slatwall. can you please provide information wrt pricing and sizing.

    Kind regards

    December 4, 2022 at 9:53 am
    • Shea Reply

      Hi Werner, you will need to please contact us via email or telephone to discuss pricing. With regards to sizing, we can cut the extrusion to any lengths you would like. Thank you!

      December 6, 2022 at 10:26 am


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