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Laser Cut Interior Designs

Laser cut interior designs are becoming increasingly popular on modern infrastructure and with interior decor of buildings and open spaces.  Architects and interior design firms are using a wide range of materials for wall coverings, dividing of spaces, soundproofing applications and for simply bringing a more artistic look to rooms and spaces. It’s rather extraordinary what can be accomplished with intelligent design, thoughtful material selection and well trained laser cutting machinery and operators. Below are some examples of beautiful laser cut interior designs.

The art of interior design has long been a popular one and there has been thousands of styles and trends that have persisted through the ages. In today’s ‘modern’ society, minimalist and monochrome looks are popular in offices and homes, with many others preferring bold colours and cozy interiors.

Then there are those unique few that are looking for something a little extra This is where laser cutting can help make that one unique thing that changes the entire atmosphere of the room, whether it be a patterned ceiling, or an anodised wall panel  to add a splash of striking colour. It could even be a patterned wall feature that, when lit from behind with LED’s, will create magnificent silhouettes!

Laser Cut Stair Railings
Residential Decorative Screens and Panels

We have worked with and provided laser cutting services to architects, cafe owners, artisans, small to large business owners, students, charities, design firms and more. This gives us a wealth of experience and knowledge on the requirements and specifications in the associated industries. We service and deliver throughout Gauteng with other provinces available on request.

We can turn your designs and ideas into real products with our advanced Bystronic laser cutting machinery and dedicated drawing office. We are also able to adapt to different production volumes and cutting materials, for further information contact a Aluminium Trading sales professional. Our customers are welcome to supply their own materials or you can view a list of our available materials right here on our website – aluminium here and stainless steel here. For more information on our laser cutting service click here.


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