Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Spring Month

Spring has officially arrived, awakening nature and all of its beauty!

A bit of spring cleaning will leave your home happy, and you feeling inspired and ready for a great summer.

Celebrate the end of winter and the better weather ahead with these refreshing spring ideas and special offers!

Custom Garden Goodies

Spruce up your garden with a custom laser cut trellis or garden panel. Use one of our existing designs or give us your design and we will fabricate your idea. We have cut names, shapes and geometrics of various sizes for many happy customers.

Perfect Pool Products

With summer around the corner, it’s the ideal time to get your pools looking swim worthy. Our standard Fluted Tube Extrusion is practically made for pool nets (leaf skimmers) and brushes, so if yours is need of a replacement we’re only a call away.

Additionally, Aluminium Trading can fabricate custom pool pump and filter housings to your specification. As an added luxury, we can also produce sound dampening enclosures that can reduce filter and pump noise by up to a whopping 70%!

Custom Pool Pump and Filter Enclosure

Gorgeous Greenhouses

Spring is the best time to start a new garden or revamp an old one and whether you’re a novice gardener or a seasoned green thumb, nothing beats the benefits of a greenhouse. Aluminium Trading are authorised retailers of Connect IT systems and have the added benefit of carrying all the square and round tubing you require to build your very own greenhouse frame. If you require advice or tips on building your greenhouse give us a call, a friendly Aluminium Trading sales representative is ready to assist.

Treadplate and Tread Bright Sheets

Treadplate and Tread Bright are great products to patch up and resurface areas around your vehicles, trailers and caravans. The sheets can even be used as kick plates in the kitchen or give an industrial look to your bar!

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung,
The sun has begun
To shine upon our world.
Spring has sprung,
The lambs have begun
To run about the fields.
Spring has sprung,
The blossoms have begun
To brighten up the trees.
Spring has sprung,
The daffodils have begun
To dance joyfully in the breeze.
Spring has sprung,
The children have begun
To run gleefully in the sun.

– By Melissa Russel


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